Step 1

From Concept to Creation

Collaborating closely with Matilda, we refined her WildMix concept. With a comprehensive digital brand strategy in place, we gave birth to a stunning website that served as the product's digital home.

Step 2

Creating a Viral Buzz

Our creative minds crafted engaging content that introduced WildMix to the world. Leveraging the success of 'Prime,' we devised a social media campaign that struck a chord with the audience, sparking a viral sensation.

Step 3

Winning Over the Giants: ICA's Spotlight

Our strategic focus shifted to ICA, a major retail chain, as the ideal distributor. Armed with a compelling digital pitch, we showcased WildMix's unique appeal, capturing ICA's attention and setting the stage for future negotiations.

Step 4

Navigating the Success

As WildMix gained rapid popularity, we advised Matilda on managing growth, maintaining quality, and seizing opportunities. Collaborating on efficient production processes, we ensured that demand was met while upholding the brand's integrity.

Step 5

Expanding Across Borders

Our global ambitions took us to new horizons. By implementing international marketing strategies, we set the stage for WildMix to venture into markets like Finland and Denmark. Initiating conversations with potential distributors, we began the exciting journey of showcasing WildMix in nightclubs worldwide.

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